people against CISPA. Will you join them?

A bill in Congress could kill online privacy as we know it. CISPA is back and if it passes, it would allow corporations to share your personal information with the government - without a warrant.

We beat CISPA last year and can beat it again. Sign our petition and call your representative now!

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CISPA violates our 4th Amendment rights by allowing corporations... provide your personal data, like private emails, to the government.

“Once again allows companies to share sensitive and personal American Internet data with the government, including the National Security Agency and other military agencies.”


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It only takes two minutes to call your representative. Phone calls are more effective than emails and with our call tool, it couldn’t be easier.

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Here's a sample script:

"I’m calling to let you know that I oppose H.R. 624: CISPA (The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act). CISPA would allow corporations to provide my personal data, like emails, to federal agencies without a warrant. As your constituent, I ask that you not support CISPA."

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